Nobody knows? Does it matter?

171027-07I’m sure somebody knows. It’s probable that a lot of people know that I’m a nudist, a naturists, or someone who prefers to be nude. Does it really matter? It’s not exactly a secret.

If anyone doesn’t know, it’s only because they haven’t made an effort to find out or because they haven’t asked. I’m fine with that, not everyone has to know. I don’t need affirmations for my beliefs or my life philosophies. Nor do I seek to convert anyone to my way of thinking or for anyone to understand it.

For anyone wishing to understand it, all I can suggest is to temporarily suspend your beliefs and assumptions about nudity and nakedness and experience it directly for a while. Maybe it will change you or maybe not. All I can relate is my own experience. Once I experienced the comfort, the naturalness, and the freedom of being in my natural condition, I knew I could never replicate the experience while clothed.