Naked Rules!

If being nude is so freeing, why are there so many rules surrounding it?

The Meandering Naturist

On our way northward from the island of Rab yesterday, we decided to deviate by taking the ferry to Krk, where subsequently a bridge would connect us to mainland Croatia. Lunchtime destination? Buncaluka Naturist Resort on the southern tip of Otok Krk. It’s a lovely spot, and it was a lovely day – Father’s Day after all – until I got scolded by a German patron for… ready for this? Being naked. We had taken our cue from a German couple next to us; he was naked, she had a pareo around her waist – we followed suit. But when I dashed down to pay the beach attendant the rental fee for our lounge chairs, a less-than-pleasant restaurant patron ceased conversation to issue me a citation.

“Bitte?” says I.


IMG_3138 Beach-side bistro at Buncaluka

To be fair, I was naked in the restaurant area, which is exactly meters from…

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Nude Humanity

Interesting article. I have no problem being naked in front of my cat and the cat doesn’t seem to mind if I’m naked. Perhaps man’s intellect gets in the way of his true nature and he only thinks he needs clothing.

Vadimage Blog

Animals don’t wear clothes. We learnt it from early childhood. At three years old, you could keep asking why your cat didn’t wear “some clothes” [1]. You could even get a scientific answer: “animals don’t wear clothes because, for the most part, they are still restricted to climates where they don’t need them” [2]. If you are a little older, you may begin to ask yourself whether taking off clothes brings a man or a woman closer to an animal or even “crosses border” between a human being and an animal.

Once Jacques Derrida [3], a French philosopher, found himself frontally naked “faced with cat’s eyes looking” at him “from head to toe” [4]. He started thinking about “the property unique to animals, what in the last instance distinguishes them from man, is their being naked without knowing it”. The philosopher continued, “naked without knowing it, animals would not be, in…

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Naturism vs. Nudism.

Nearly all of us have own perspectives on the difference between naturism and nudism. I guess it comes from our desire to classify and sort people, places, and things into neat categories.

Personally, I try to avoid labels and strict definitions for arbitrary subjects. I agree with some points made in the article and disagree with others but taking into account other perspectives often causes me to reconsider and question my own which I generally find to be a good thing.

Naturism For People of Color

I have to admit this topic has been on my mind a few times, but i avoided writing about it because the logistics of it kind of drove me nuts.

I have been thinking about the more or less complex definition of the Naturist, the Nudist, and Naturism and Nudism.

The way i am beginning to see it is that Naturism is much more of a lifestyle, a choice, something that truly helps to define a part of the Naturalist’s personality and being.  While the Naturist does not abhor or hate clothing, they believe that clothes are not part of the natural state of the human being and so therefore they should not be used or needed unless the temperature or environment calls for it. The Naturist believes being nude allows for freedom of one’s self, one’s body, and one’s mind.  That to be nude invites healing one’s self and…

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I tend to agree. Going topless is, at its most basic, an equal rights issue. A women’s nipples are no more a sexual part than a males nipples. It’s the patriarchal society in America and our prudery that asserts that a woman’s breasts are men’s sexual playthings.

the sl naturist

Naturism isn’t for everyone. For whatever reason, many people will say ‘oh, no, I could never do that!’. Obviously, as a naturist myself, my response is that the fear of getting and being naked is much more worrisome than actually being naked. However, I’m not much into adopting a line of argument that runs ‘try it, you might like it’.

I would never, ever do a bungee jump, for example, and no amount of cajoling me along the lines of ‘try it, you might like it’ would persuade me to be tied to a rubber band up a crane somewhere. No. It won’t ever happen.

So I never try to hard-sell naturism to anyone.

Here in the UK, and around Europe, though, it’s likely that a majority of women -a large majority of women- of all shapes and sizes and ages, have gone topless, even if it was only once…

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She’s not reluctant

Recently the Naturist Thoughts blog posted The Reluctant Spouse which presented a perspective on the reluctant spouse I don’t recall having seen before. One important point he brings up is that your reluctant spouse is your spouse first and foremost. He also advises dropping the word reluctant because your spouse has free will and while they chose you, they may not have chosen nudism or naturism. He also advises those with a “reluctant” spouse not the blame their spouse or try to cajole them into it or make them feel guilty for not wanting to pursue it. It okay to encourage them or suggest they give it a try but don’t push it.

After reading the article, I realized that my wife is not reluctant at all. A reluctant spouse infers that she participates to some degree but she may not really enjoy it or she may be doing it just to appease you. My wife is not willing to participate in any degree. That’s not reluctance, that’s non-participation. My wife does, however, support my participation in naturism although that support may be somewhat reluctant.

She’s not reluctant, she’s just not a naturist and she is not inclined to become one, That’s her choice and I respect it. I’m a naturist but it’s not always the highest priority.

Naked Gardening Day, 2017

Yesterday was World Naked Gardening Day and as much as I would have enjoy working naked in my garden yesterday or any other day there were a number of reasons for not doing so. For one thing, the expected high was in the upper 50s, a tad too chilly to be nude outdoors. For another, my garden lacks the necessary privacy, considering contemporary society. Several years ago, the neighbor behind me erected a privacy fence but the view of my backyard from all other sides is relatively unobstructed and the public exposure of certain body parts is a criminal offense that could result in a sex offender status.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of working in my garden in my natural state and if I enjoyed the luxury of a private garden or living a truly free (or at least an enlightened and tolerant) society, I most certainly would.

I suppose I could erect a suitable privacy fence or move to a property more suitable to outdoor nudity but I currently lack the resources for either prospect. Short of a winning lottery ticket, it just isn’t going to happen. On the other hand, naked gardening isn’t really a high priority. Of course, if my circumstances were were conducive to nude outdoor activities, I’d certainly feel more inclined to do so.

As it is, I think we already have too many fences and walls separating us, we needn’t be adding more. However, as long as we live in a fearful society that’s unwilling or unable to tear down their personal walls of separation, few walls will be torn down and many more walls will be constructed.

Too many of us live in fear of our neighbors, especially if they are in any way different from us or express their freedom in a way that we are afraid to embrace. We claim to live in the land of the free but how free are we? Most of us live in fear and as long as we live in fear, we cannot be free. We are slaves to our fears, they own us. And so, we live in our fortresses of fear, surrounded by a moat of ignorance, never stepping out of our comfort zones.

To have grown up naked

I read with interest the article The pros and cons of growing up in a Naked House by Caroline O’Donoghue. I have sometimes wondered what it might have been like to grow up in a clothing optional household. How would it have affected my perspectives and attitudes about nudity or how much sooner I might have come to them? Such a childhood would certainly have been incredibly different from the one I had. I can’t recall the topic of nudity ever being discussed nor can I recall ever seeing my parents or my siblings naked (other than my brother with whom I shared a bedroom).

As an adolescent, I was sometimes naked alone in the privacy of my room. Being nude in my room was often stimulating but it was that period of sexual development and hormonal changes. I was uncomfortable with my body but I’m not sure that I felt shame toward it. However, I considered it normal to be covered except for changing clothes or bathing. I didn’t have any problems with changing and showering for my PE classes. It was what one did and I didn’t question it.

It was later, as an adult, that I really began to feel more comfortable with my body, greatly influenced by the cultures of the countries I lived in or visited and their more relaxed attitudes about the human body. I become comfortable with being nude, either alone or in social contexts such as a sauna or hot tub. When I was nude it felt natural and even liberating.

Looking back on my teenage years when I spent summers in the country, I had found many places where I could be nude or go skinny-dipping. I had plenty of opportunities but these ideas hadn’t occurred to me. If I had a do-over, that is one aspect of my life I probably would have done differently.

The pros and cons of growing up in a Naked House – Caroline O’Donoghue

Site Maintenance

I just went through every post and updated links, restored images, and corrected some spelling and grammar in the posts. There might be a couple posts I might have missed but I’ll fix them when I find them.

Nudist Equity

Today I read an interview of Willow, founder of Naked in Motion, by Isis Phoenix on the Naked Yoga Alliance web site in which she spoke at length about her nudity policy for her naked yoga classes.

Is nudity required in your class?

Full nudity used to be mandatory, however, women emailed about the possibility of wearing bottoms. After a while of teaching it occurred to me that I want more people to experience this practice, not just the people who are privileged enough to feel safe enough. When I offered the possibility that women and trans identifying folks could wear bottoms to class for any reason, the gender ratio became much more balanced. There are some issues that I think should be examined in the nudist community around this. Women have been kicked off of nudist beaches for wearing bottoms when they are on their periods. Cisgender men cannot know what it is like to menstruate. This mandatory nudity rule felt like part of the patriarchy trying to be in control of women’s bodies. Women and trans folk can wear bottoms for any reason. It is required that cisgender men are nude for class.

If nudist communities continue to exclude women on the basis of menstruation, we are never going to get close to a less patriarchal society. I also invite transgender people to use or wear anything that they need to affirm their gender. I’ve got criticism from men about these new rules. I want to explain myself to men and be the source of education about this issue. Everybody wants more women to be present in these classes. When there are more women, people feel safer. It is in everyone’s best interest to have more women present in class. When women take off their tops, they are already participating in nudity. When men take off their tops, they are not. You can see male joggers without tops and it feels normal. If a woman were to be jogging topless, it would not be seen as normal, she would be seen as nude. The bottoms policy gives the message to people after centuries of oppression that I am allowing you to experience this is in the way that makes you feel safe. There is nothing equal about the experience of a man and a woman naked in a space together. Nothing. That doesn’t exist. My bottoms rule is about equity, and it gives a marginalized and oppressed group tools that they need to have a successful experience. Equity in this space gives those marginalized groups more privilege and something to make them feel safer. It doesn’t mean that more people wear bottoms in class. This new rule says, I understand where you are coming from and I support you.

The idea is interesting and could have a positive impact on gender inequality in organized nudism. A bottoms-optional policy might help women to feel more comfortable and less vulnerable at nudist clubs. Clubs I’ve been to generally allow women to wear bottoms during their periods which makes sense but it does draw attention to where a nudist woman is on her menstrual cycle. As far as I know, even when they’re allowed bottoms for that reason, nudity is still required in and around the pools and hot tubs.

Over the years I’ve heard plenty of talk about “equality” in nudism and how it’s a great equalizer. But I really haven’t seen much discussion about equity in nudism. That’s an entirely different discussion that needs to happen.

Nudist Equity – Why Providing the Option to Wear Bottoms in Naked Yoga for Women and Transfolk is a Political Statement.

A Natural State?

Here’s a question I saw on Tumblr today: “Mass participation in pubic hair removal has lead to hairless genitals now being the norm. Would mass erections at nudist events and locations lead to better acceptance of the erection as a natural state of the penis?”

In my mind, the answer is “No.” The natural, default state of the penis is flaccid. While an erection is a natural occurrence, it occurs because there has been some stimulus that has caused blood to flow into the penis causing a physiological change from its default flaccid state. An erection is, therefore, a stimulated state which might be a natural reaction to various stimuli that that man may or may not have any control over but is is not the default or natural state. Even if sporting an erection were become normalized in a nudist setting, it still would not be the natural state of the penis because an erection normally requires some kind of stimulus.

The subject of erections in a nudist setting is a difficult issue. While a boner may be a “natural” occurrence, most nudists would probably agree that they are relatively rare in nudist settings. I know I’ve never gotten an erection at a nudist location or event nor have I witnessed any. An erection might be a natural reaction to stimuli but it’s quite likely to cause offense, particularly if the man flaunts it with disregard for others. Those of us who witness an erection can’t know beyond a reasonable doubt the man’s intentions and are likely to assume the worst. Most will see it as overt sexual intent, not as a complement. I sincerely doubt that increased exposure to erect penises will normalize them or make them appear friendlier.

I’d hesitate to say that hairless genitalia is the norm although it is a very popular option. Has a large enough sample been surveyed to statistically determine if it is the norm? Even if it turns out that it is the norm, shaved genitalia is not the natural state of our genitals. Pubic hair is the default among most post-pubescent human beings. Removing the pubic hair is a change to the natural state.