clothing is overrated


A naturist’s view on clothing

I agree with Paul’s assessment – clothing is overrated. It’s useful for keeping warm when the temperature dips a little too low for comfort but if your surroundings are warm enough so that I don’t need to worry about my core body temperature dropping then what’s the point?

Personally, I’m rather ambivalent about clothing but if wearing clothes is deemed “appropriate and necessary” then I’ll opt for something that’s loose and comfortable that’s not restrictive and won’t leave indentations on my skin.

Despite more than a decade of unlearning the clothes-wearing habit, I still have to live in a clothing-compulsive society with it’s arcane and arbitrary rules about what constitutes “modesty and decency.” If the ambient temperature is warm enough and I have garments covering certain parts of my body it’s most likely for the comfort of others, not my own. I can’t seem to convince them that they’re the ones with the compulsive behavior. They don’t even question the wearing of clothing except maybe to discern whether or not the colors clash. I prefer to go with the default and add to it as needed for warmth, protection, and comfort. Covering my natural state is always a conscious and deliberate decision, not to be taken lightly.