Nudism/Naturism: National Nude Day

I’d pretty much forgotten that Friday is National Nude Day and that this week is Nude Recreation Week. I really don’t have anything planned for either. I’ll just be nude in just the same way and for the same reasons I am any other day.

Jillian Page

(As posted to my Gazette blog)

Isn’t every day a “nude” day? I mean, you are probably nude at some point each day, yes? And you are naturally naked, i.e. born that way. There’s no debating it. The textiles we wear are not natural.

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3 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: National Nude Day

  1. I think they are going overboard with all the “World (fill in the blank) Naked Days.” Eventually there will be a negative return on investment.


    1. I think that maybe they already have. I don’t need a special day or reason to be nude, I’m usually looking for an opportunity and a place to be nude.


  2. I wasn’t nude on National Nude Day 2017. The circumstances for being nude just didn’t occur for me. Maybe next year. Then again, it was also Bastille Day and I didn’t think about the French Revolution.I don’t need a special day to be clothes free, only the coming together of opportunity and circumstances. It’s unfortunate that simple, casual nudity has to be ‘invisible’ so as not to be seen by anyone who might choose to take offense that that’s the society and culture we live in. We have to make the best of what we’re dealt and sometimes we mus wear the cloak of invisibility.


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