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When I first got into nudism and began participating in social nudism, I noticed there a definite emphasis on recreation and body acceptance which isn’t, in itself, a bad thing. When I delved into the history I noted that in the early part of the 20th Century, there was, at least in the naturist movements, an emphasis on health and fitness which profoundly influenced the philosophical basis of my evolution as a naturist.

I can’t say that I’ve followed through completely on that philosophy but it’s still something for me to shoot for. When I exercise, do yoga, or hike, I prefer to do them in the nude. I think I might have more interest in social nudism and visiting landed clubs if there was more emphasis on health and fitness while providing more activities promoting it.


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  1. And that is one reason why I hike!

    People confuse being fit with being young and slender and muscular. Being fit is not the same thing for all. It is about blood pressure, flexibility, nutrition, positive mental outlook, preventative maintenance, regular medical visits, enough cardio not to get tired doing what you do without being exhausted and enough strength to be able to do it without straining. For me, fit is being able to walk a few miles with some elevation gain without hating myself the next day. For another, (and maybe me in the future) it might just be walking around the block.

    Body fat is not in and of itself a problem. In fact, it has been shown repeatedly that a few extra pounds are a great benefit should severe illness befall one. Fat naturally redistributes itself as you age. Even though you may weigh the same, you will still look different. Don’t sweat it.

    If there is so much body fat it becomes a serious threat to health or prevents you from doing what you want to do, then it is a problem. Body acceptance and loving oneself is not a matter of thinking you are already perfect and no need to change. You can still love yourself and accept your body while acknowledging a need to improve. You can also understand that it is not your place to push other people into improving themselves and that it is wrong to pass moral judgment upon their appeareance.


    1. I agree. Body acceptance is a beginning, not an end in itself. A lot of people don’t seem to be willing to do preventive maintenance. I know I often have trouble getting myself to do it but I also know that no one is going to do it for me.


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