Independence Day Naked Time

2017-07-04_7I had a pretty good Independence Day despite spending much of it clothed. You know how it is, state and local ordinances, social conventions, self-appointed protectors of our morality, and other conspiracies to suppress nude freedom.

Much of the morning was spent preparing for a family cookout – mowing the lawn, setting up a canopy to provide some shade, and other sundry tasks. With the temperature in the mid-80s and about 65% humidity, I worked up a sweat and it was, of course, absorbed by my clothing. I had planned to get a shower and change before the family arrived but I never got the chance.

We had a wonderful cookout with plenty of the usual cookout fare. Around four, leftovers were packaged up and the kids (they’re in their late 30s but they’re still my kids) headed home. I cleaned up and put everything away. Then around five, my wife went to visit friends and my other son (who lives with me) went out with his friends, leaving me with the house to myself.

Having the house to myself for several hours, I decided to celebrate Independence Day my way by declaring my independence from clothing. After being stuck in sweaty clothing all day, my first thought was to undress and take a shower. Well, I undressed but didn’t get to the shower right away. After being nude for just a few minutes, I already felt more comfortable than I had since I got dressed this morning. I didn’t even feel sweaty any more.

Finally, I did take a cool, relaxing shower and felt even better and I was in no hurry to alter my natural state with clothing. I spent my nude relaxing and watching television. Being a good nudist, I did place a towel on the seat of the recliner. It felt great to enjoy a little over six continuous hours of naked time. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


One thought on “Independence Day Naked Time

  1. There is nothing quite like the freedom of wandering around the house naked. I even like mowing the backyard (surrounded by trees I planted) with just my underwear on. Or then there’s nude sunbathing, life is good.


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