A Response To “I love being naked!”

I’ve read several of his posts on nudity. At first I thought he might have a genuine interest in understanding nudism and naturism but as I read more, I realized that he apparently has not done any real research on the subject, or discussed the topic with very many naturists (nudists), nor has he personally experienced it. All of his opinions seem to be based solely upon scriptures, Catholic doctrine, and whatever inhibitions have been passed down to him.

As a naturist, I do not require scripture or religious doctrine to justify my pursuit of a clothes-free lifestyle. I have no need of religious shame and guilt that is often at the core of so many body issues we see today.

Having read the article, I am at a loss as to what his ultimate point may have been. When I am nude I feel a comfort and a freedom that I don’t experience in the bondage of clothing. I find no shame or guilt in experiencing freedom.


One thought on “A Response To “I love being naked!”

  1. I agree with you. The author has been writing about how as a christian he
    wants to accept nudists and nudism but he never seems to get anywhere basically for the reasons you state- he hasn’t done basic research or actually tried it. I think his fascination stems from an inner desire to be a nudist that is thwarted by his interpertaion of his religion and fear of the reaction by his co-relionists.


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