The Colonies

Will Americans ever “get out” of the Nudist Colony? ~ Naturist Dan, The Meandering Nudist

This article resonated with me as it expresses many of my own frustrations, disappointments, and disillusionments with nudism in America.

Some things have improved in the past 20 years. Many venues now have a Web and social media presence and with the Internet, Google maps, and GPS, nudist venues are not as hard to find although some are still hard to actually get to. Many are still out in the middle of nowhere or deep in the woods. There are still remarkably few venues in urban and suburban areas.

Judging from images of “classic” nudism of about 50 years ago and what I’ve seen at resorts I’ve visited, the recreational offerings don’t seem to have changed much. Not having ever been on a resort vacation, maybe I really don’t know what I should expect. Yet, somehow, I do expect a little more.

When I first became a naturist, the draw of the opportunity to be nude with others and to swim and lie in the sun nude was enough. Over the years that hasn’t been enough of a draw for me to put other things aside and make the effort to set aside the time, make arrangements to visit, and then make the effort to travel an hour or more for the sole purpose of being nude for a few hours.

Naturist Dan also comments on how some venues are more restrictive than they were in the past. I understand that with the prevalence of cameras in cell phones, concerns about sexual predators, and other concerns that pervade our society. Since my significant other has no interest in nudism or naturism, I am considered a “single” male should I visit a venue. I understand concerns about gender imbalance and wayward husbands but the “single male” status is just one more obstacle.

Nudity needs to be acceptable outside the “colonies”, outside the 8-foot walls of our nudist reservations. Events like the naked bike rides and Fantasy Fest aren’t necessarily signs of acceptance of the nudist or naturist lifestyle, but more likely they are acceptance of nudity as entertainment. In America, our most highly valued commodity is entertainment. Above all else, we want to be entertained and nudity is entertaining even if we privately condemn those who parade nude before us. Righteous condemnation is just an added benefit.

One thought on “The Colonies

  1. Nudism in America is restrictive, reclusive, and probably somewhat exclusive. A single (or otherwise unaccompanied male) usually finds himself subject to exclusion due to gender balancing or his unaccompanied status. If he is admitted, he’s likely to be eyed with suspicion. A hetero couple or family might also face restrictions such as limited visits before they have to apply for membership. The reclusion of American nudity is obvious with most venues located in remote rural areas or remote areas not otherwise suitable for development. Clothing optional facilities in urban and suburban areas are quite rare. I may call myself a naturist but natural settings aren’t the only places I like to be naked.


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